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Save The English Forest (SAVE TEF) Mission:
To PRESERVE The English Property's wetland/upland hardwood forest ecosystems in order to PROTECT the most vulnerable underlying aquifer within the Wakulla Springs Basin... Ultimately, to CONSERVE interconnected regional ‘surface and subterranean’ natural wonders sustaining terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity indispensable in the Woodville Karst Plain…as a lasting legacy for Florida.

the English

On Wednesday, March 23rd, the Tallahassee City Commission unanimously voted to rezone the remaining 494± acres of the English Forest for commercial and residential development against the wishes of current residents.Now that the remaining 494± acres has been designated as part of the English Planned Unit Development (PUD), one of our primary missions is to ask the English family to assist in efforts to preserve as much existing forest land as possible in order to save sustainable continuous conservation easements and greenways that connect with proposed open spaces.Please keep an eye out for further information and updates on our collective, VOLUNTEER efforts as we move forward.Contact all City Commissioners at once HERE or reach out individually with
your concerns and comments about their decision to rezone.
Mayor John Dailey
Phone: 850-891-2000
Email: [email protected]
Jacqueline "Jack" Porter
Phone: 850-891-8191
Email: [email protected]
Mayor Pro-Tem Curtis Richardson
Phone: 850-891-8181
Email: [email protected]
Jeremy Matlow
Phone: 850-891-8188
Email: [email protected]
Dianne Williams-Cox
Phone: 850-891-8502
Email: [email protected]
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We are a local group of community residents, associations, and advocates collectively VOLUNTEERING to raise awareness and to preserve one of Tallahassee's last remaining intact forest land, located in the southeast corner of the city. Learn more about the planned use development of the English Forest below.

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Our next GATHERING: SATURDAY, DEC 17, 2022
10:30 a.m. to Noon
via Zoom. (For link to Zoom, please email: [email protected])


Now more than ever, it is important for residents to reach out to the Tallahassee City Commissioners and to ask them to support our efforts, in cooperation with the English family, to preserve as existing forest land. Click the link below to get the most current information and read local news articles about the project.

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The forest

Appeal to Save Remaining 494± Acre English Forest (updated 03/2022)Since the City of Tallahassee (COT) approved the remaining 494± acre to be rezoned and included in the English Property PUD, the majority of this vulnerable forested ecosystem may succumb to constructions of 10,000 units of single and multi-story residentials, and office/commercial complexes (see proposed land use plan maps above).Since 2012, 245 acres of 770 ± English Property was approved, rezoned & clear-cut, resulting in the VA Hospital, Russell Office Park, Lullwater Apartments near Southwood Publix.COT is already reviewing two proposed multi-story apartment complexes:1) the Hathaway (35 acres, 13 buildings, 306 apartments, 517 parking spaces) on
Blairstone Road, across from Lullwater Apartments (in currently proposed 494± PUD)
2) the Orange Ave (22 acres, 8 buildings, 192 apartments, 251 parking spaces), on the corner of Orange Ave & S Blairstone Road (in 2012 permitted and rezoned)What Can I Do to Help SAVE the Remaining 494± Acre Forest?
Raise awareness - tell your family, neighbors, friends about the significance of this majestic forest.Attend upcoming meetings and become an active participant. This is the best way to stay informed on our work to preserve as much of the critical forest ecosystem as possible.Email your concerns about flooding, density, traffic congestion, safety, home value to ALL City Commissioners, appealing them to not approve any development plan for the property that does not include sufficient green spaces identified for preservation.How Will This English Property PUD Amendment Affect Me?Unchecked constructions of 10,000 units of residential/office/commercial complexes on entire forested English Property PUD, will result in:Increased flooding from heavy rain, stormwater runoff due to expansive impervious surfaces. According to FEMA, properties in west of Hilaman Golf Course, the entire Blairstone Forest, Indianhead, and South City communities are in HIGH RISK areas for flooding.Increased pollutants in water runoffs, including toxins from vehicles & residential/office/commercial complexes, and sediments from construction site practices.Increased air & noise pollution. The forest has been vital to reducing local climate changes by absorbing air pollutants, releasing oxygen in exchange and blocking wind and noise.Increased traffic on Blairstone Road, Orange Avenue, South Monroe, and Lake Bradford during rush hours.Increased human densities with inadequate infrastructure, including emergency services and schools leading to MORE crime, trash, and sewage, resulting in steep declines in safety and property value.Adverse affects to vulnerable natural resources. With active, vulnerable Karst features in this forest, toxic seepage entering the underground Floridan Aquifer will accelerate contamination of the Wakulla Springs.Displacement and extinction of existing wildlife, including endangered/threatened speciesS


Join us at our next community GATHERING as we share updates and changes to the English Property PUD. GATHERINGS are open to all, and your concerns, suggestions matter. GATHERINGS are held bi-monthly at Jack McLean Community Center or
at Dr Perry County Library.
Note: Minutes after May 21, 2022 are available upon request
May 21, 2022
May 7, 2022
February 26, 2022
February 12, 2022
February 5, 2022


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Commission Meetings
Follow the links to view past public hearings by the Tallahassee City Commission regarding the development.
March 23, 2022 (begin at 4:25:51)
February 16, 2022 (begin 3:01:17)
December 8, 2021 (begin 2:15:07)
November 10, 2021 (begin 3:01:17)
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